Generation anchors – DNA – your deathbed

For generations past, beliefs have bound us tight,
Molded us into shapes that just don’t feel right.
Our minds are captive to old ways of thinking,
Our hearts are burdened by fears unrelenting.

But hope is not lost, for there are ways to break free,
To find our true selves and let our spirits be.
NLP and art therapy, tools for transformation,
Can help us shed the shackles of our nation.

With NLP we can reprogram our minds,
Unlearn limiting beliefs and leave them behind.
We can rewrite our stories, create a new tale,
And in the process, our true selves unveil.

Art therapy can take us even further still,
Helping us explore our emotions at will.
Through painting, drawing, or other creative arts,
We can express ourselves, heal our broken hearts.

No longer bound by the past, we can chart a new course,
Discover our passions, and find our true source.
We can embrace our uniqueness, live life on our terms,
And make a difference in the world that burns.

So let us not be held back by the beliefs of the past,
But use NLP and art therapy to break free at last.
Let us step into our power, and live our lives with intention,
For this is how we find true purpose and fulfillment.

A lot of your habits, thoughts and beliefs come from a chain of adopted identities that go back many generations. Here is a great example of that.

That we mutate at all times is not a secret, the evolution of humanity is a witness to that. Science also shows that our life experiences can affect our DNA structure.
How you experience your life is reflected in how you cope with your feelings. So how you feel deeply affects who you are and who you become.

Now YOU are here because you are an chain breaker

On the deathbed, people often regret what they didn’t dare to do in life. What is it that you fear but would love to do?

Your death bed

Imagine it is your deathbed.
People that you have impacted in your life are gathering to say goodbye. Everyone has sent a message to the person closest to you, and now this person is about to hold a speech about your life and how you have impacted people and the world.


Write down what you want the speech to contain

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