Digg deep for lasting change

I remember once, I must have been about 6 years old I think, I didn’t have many toys. But I had found these beautiful pinecones and I made legs out of small sticks and imagined that they were animals that I could play with. It felt really great crafting these animals. Then all of a sudden I was filled with this enormusly happy fealing. I remember I stood up, pushed my chest forward, my arms back and looked up into the sky, and just received this fantastick great feeling. WOW it made me feel so powerful! I felt that I was made to be something really great in life. I didn´t know what it was, but I knew I would impact people in a very good way some day. I remember it made me feel so proud and confident. I just knew!

This spark has given me a special drive in life. But it has also caused a lot of exhaustion during the time when I couldn’t live up to be the great person I thought I would be. And so the inner voices in my head started to become really hard on me, they were saying things like “Linda why are you such a loser? How can you be so stupid! You know what you should do, but yet you don’t. What is wrong with you? No wonder everyone else is better than you! You are obviously not made for this. You are not smart enough and You are becoming too old anyway…
For many many years I tried to prove myself wrong, and show that I could make it!!! So I did the biggest mistake of all, I stopped listening to my intuition and started to work very hard to do what other people thought was best for me. I genuinely thought that would help me succeed in life. And it worked in a material way, I got the car, the house and a job with a really good salary. And telling people that I was a marketing manager made me feel proud in a sentence that the word itself said that I had a wealthy lifestyle. But inside of me, I was angry with myself for not being satisfied with all the things that I had. Angry because I didn´t feel happy and fulfilled.

Little did I know, then, that I had construkted a life that was absolutely not aligned with my values or my core strengths. And I was definitely not aligned with my vision or my highest self.
My body was screaming at me, but I didn´t know how to listen to my body. At that time I didn´t know that unique values and visions existed in people. I didn´t know that my body was communicating with me. I just thought I was an unsatisfied person. And I ended up thinking that my spark and dreams were not made for me. They were just something that belonged to my childhood fantasy. And that is the way I got lost in life.

Why am I telling you this story? It is because I think many people and maybe you can relate to this, feeling lost and living a different life than you wish for, not feeling as happy and fulfilled, as you want to.

And like me, I think a lot of people don’t understand, that it is past programming, traumas, flaws and limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

It`s not your fault that you havent got to the point where you want to be yet, cause the society don´t tell us how to be true to ourself. How you bring out our unique stregths and values. But now that you are opening up it´s your responsebility to do something about it.

In order to fully embody, believe and trust a new desired identity for your self, you need to dig deep into your past. Cause if you don´t your past beliefs that are still stored in your subconscious mind will stay underneath the surface and scratch holes in your new identity.

In the next modules, we are going to uncover the most important steps that I went through. Steps that helped me embody what I needed in order to truly live the fulfilling life I have today.

But before you jump on to the next module I want you to use 5 minutes or more to write down how others opinions have affected your life and how it has affected your own opinion of things

To truly get in to your unique depths I recomend 1:1 coaching suplied with this modules. That way you will clean up your system much easier and faster. But you will defenetly get a great deal of value just by following these modules as well. You might find it valuable to go over the modules several times and bring up different issues you are dealing with each time.