What you believe will always be your truth


An example from my life is when I lost my jobm, as a marketing manager, during covid 19. During an interview for another marketing job, I all of a sudden admitted that this type of work was not aligned with me. WOW that was a huge step to take, and made me very scared and relieved at the same time! Because, at the age of 46, I realised that I wanted to change my whole career. I wanted to help people follow their passion and live the life of their dreams! And the voices in my hed shouted “Linda, are you crazy! You are too old, don’t be ridiculous, you don’t have any degree and you are too old to study now. You need to stick with what you know. You are not smart enough and not pretty enough to make people like you.

If I hadn’t lost my job, I would have listened to the voices in my head and stayed in an unfulfilling job for the rest of my life. But, now I had to make a change anyhow, and I had now blown my chance to get the job I was interviewed for. So I had to take control over my inner voices!

realised that I was totally in the wrong industry.

went to an interview for another marketing job. During this interview I got the question on

This is what it looked like in my case:
For more than 15 years, my dream was to be able to work full-time helping people to follow their passion and live their dream life. But I told myself that I was not able to. I was not educated enough, I was not good enough, there were other people out there that were much better than me, I wasn´t smart enough and so on. I started to study in this field every day for 15 years, but never felt ready

had a dream to work full time motivating people to follow their dreams and passion. But I told myself
ACTION: Write down what you want your inner voice to say to your subconscious mind, and read it out loud several times every day for about 30 days. This way you are programming your mind to search for what you need in order to get what you want in life.